Saturday, May 28, 2011

GNU Software philosophy

my next graduate paper will be focusing on data as a right for all human beings. Interestingly, I'm finding the more I research - the more my views fall in line with the GNU project. I'm hoping to get some interaction with Dr. Richard Stallman.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Apple's Plan for Dealing with malware

A concerning situation for Apple...
The best way to deal with Malware is NOT to put your fingers in your ears and hope it goes away.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blogging Freedom

Great article, very powerful writer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Video of the Day: Kung Fu - Tetris Style!

Going to give this build an attempt in my living room. This guy took a simple idea and make a great experience out of it with kinect.
If you'd like to try it yourself, go to his blog.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

John Cleese on Creativity

In my opinion, creativity is probably the most important tool to solving any problem. As a long time Monty Python fan, (and a closet history nerd) I really enjoy John Cleese. This video is really gold - without creativity there's no way we can solve complicated problems. Cleese talks about some practical nuts and bolts to creative problem solving.

My Google CoverLetter

Dear Malevolent Robot Overlords:

Thank-you for taking the time to review my application to Google. While I am very serious about my desire to work for your company, please enjoy this cover letter that briefly describes myself to my new potential GoogleBot Overlords.

I've always been a Perpetual Learner (Read: I'd require few breaks and few beatings). The best part of my day is being given a task that no one has solved yet, and asked to find a solution quickly. I enjoy thinking past the perceived solution to a problem(Rather than seeing the glass half-full or empty I prefer to question if the glass exists).

While my academic history may not show it, anyone who has worked with me can tell you I have a dire thirst for knowledge and enjoy a logical approach to finding solutions(I can also EXTERMINATE at will, please reference my Dalek friends.)

I believe the best solution to a complex problem begins with creativity, and ends in many hours of hard pressed details. I've followed Google as a company for a long time. I've implemented GoogleApps in two large educational institutions, and and typically shunned at family parties out of fear that I will spent 20 minutes discussing one of Google's API's.(I wish I was joking here.) I've successfully convinced many co-workers that the TiSP movement is coming, while boasting about my Gmail paper backup. For fun, I enjoy sending emails to 300 of my 6th graders with a link to Google Docs "New Airplane" option.

I know I would be an excellent candidate to work at Google. My goal for immediate future (and possibly several years to come) is to find a way to prove it.

TL;DR Hire me. I will cost you little and perform as an excellent COG in your human machine.
Please add me to your humans.txt file.

Very Respectfully,
Dan O'Boyle

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