Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Google CoverLetter

Dear Malevolent Robot Overlords:

Thank-you for taking the time to review my application to Google. While I am very serious about my desire to work for your company, please enjoy this cover letter that briefly describes myself to my new potential GoogleBot Overlords.

I've always been a Perpetual Learner (Read: I'd require few breaks and few beatings). The best part of my day is being given a task that no one has solved yet, and asked to find a solution quickly. I enjoy thinking past the perceived solution to a problem(Rather than seeing the glass half-full or empty I prefer to question if the glass exists).

While my academic history may not show it, anyone who has worked with me can tell you I have a dire thirst for knowledge and enjoy a logical approach to finding solutions(I can also EXTERMINATE at will, please reference my Dalek friends.)

I believe the best solution to a complex problem begins with creativity, and ends in many hours of hard pressed details. I've followed Google as a company for a long time. I've implemented GoogleApps in two large educational institutions, and and typically shunned at family parties out of fear that I will spent 20 minutes discussing one of Google's API's.(I wish I was joking here.) I've successfully convinced many co-workers that the TiSP movement is coming, while boasting about my Gmail paper backup. For fun, I enjoy sending emails to 300 of my 6th graders with a link to Google Docs "New Airplane" option.

I know I would be an excellent candidate to work at Google. My goal for immediate future (and possibly several years to come) is to find a way to prove it.

TL;DR Hire me. I will cost you little and perform as an excellent COG in your human machine.
Please add me to your humans.txt file.

Very Respectfully,
Dan O'Boyle

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